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Washed SOD


Washed SOD

Since 2003 HELLASOD has a specialized "washer" sod machine, an ultimate innovation of the domestic market. Using as basic element the sod quality of our company, the sod rolls are being placed inside this specialized machine which is able to remove all the substrate and leave the sod "pure" only with its rooting system. As a result, we have a product that is characterized by:

·         minimum sod weight

·         reduced thickness of the sod rolls, reducing this way the total mass of sod

·         absence of cultivation substrate


Is the washed sod worthy?

Despite the small charge that the price of "washed’’ sod has, it can easily be proved as the best choice if we consider the following advantages:

  • lower cost of sod transport not only because of weight reduction ( to 60%), but also because of mass reduction (fewer rolls required less space and can easily be loaded )


  • absence of mud and soil, which is necessary in all the cases we have a manufactured special substrate for a football field, golf or tennis court and moreover it is beneficial because of the high flow capacity of the product in any conventional substrate


  •  rapid rooting of the sod, resulting in the highest level of sod quality, thanks to the boost of the powerful rooting system of our product


  • reduce the likelihood of weeds and insects appearance, which otherwise could be on the sod or even on the soil substrate
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