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Research & Development

HELLASOD considers research of vital importance in order to improve and progress and for this reason it invests in time and money and a well-trained team. It has created “The Experimental Turf team” which deals with issues that involve different sod varieties, resistance to disease, acute weather conditions as well as factors like mowing frequency, leaf texture and color.
Over the last few years, HELLASOD has broadened its co-operations with the goal of producing high quality turf and obtaining specialized know-how. The co-operation with the Agricultural University of Athens, which has undertaken the scientific aspect of the production in association with efforts of HELLASOD'S specialized technical staff, resulted in the production and distribution of excellent quality turf.
Considering the importance of research as far as the production and maintenance of quality turf is concerned, HELLASOD co-operated with the Benakeio Phytopathology Institute (Entomology laboratory), funding three programs regarding mycological, entomological and weed problems. These problems will help in further improvement of production but also offer specialised knowledge to people dealing professionaly with turf, in order to diagnose and confront these problems ahead of time.  Hellasod is also a member and representative for Greece of the following international organizations and institutions:
T.P.I.O : Turfgrass Producers International Organization
I.T.S : International Turfgrass Society.
S.T.M.A : Sports Turf Managers Association.
I.T.P.F : International Turf Producers Foundation.
The co-operation with the above mentioned organizations and institutions aims in obtaining information and know-how on turf management.


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