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Installation Instructions


If the soil contains genus agrostis perennial weeds, we sprinkle with Gliphosate (Roundup, Maestro or similar). We wait until the active ingredient totally affects the roots. We repeat if the weeds grow again.

We add organic fertilizers or chemicals with increased phosphorus units as well as sand if the soil is not argillaceous. We plow to a depth of 10-15 cm.
The final leveling is done with a rake so that the possible obstacles (like little rocks and pebbles) are removed. It is advisable to compact the soil.

Next we install the automatic irrigation system. We take care with the sprinkler height witch should be about 1-2cm above ground level. If the soil is dry we irrigate a few days before (depending on the season) until it reaches a depth of 15 cm. During installation the soil should not be muddy.


We install the turf. We start from the most distant side. If the surface is large, we stretch a string and put the first row of grass alongside. During the installation we are careful to place each roll next to the other. We leave no gap between them. We are also careful that each roll does not clash on the other.


We water lightly every 10-20cm of grass, especially if the temperature is high. It is advisable that the installation is done during the cool hours of the day.


After the installation, we compact with a heavy cylinder, to facilitate the application and to remove the air inside the grass. We water it a lot (overflowed in water). We maintain the grass very wet. If needed, we water twice a day. From the middle of the second week we start watering regularly, depending, on the surface, the soil type etc.

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