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”Dias” placed at another football field in Crete.

HELLASOD supplied and placed new turf at the stadium of Herodotus in Heraklion Crete.


The project of placing new turf and all the necessary works were successfully completed at the stadium of Heraklion in Crete. HELLASOD chosen by the consortium which has undertaken the project (Migadis-Malliotakis / Ntigkakis) to supply the new turf variety "Dias" (certified hybrid Bermuda).


For HELLASOD is the 10th football field with the specific variety (Tifway 419) in Crete, which demonstrates the success of this turf. HELLASOD began constructions in Crete's football fields 11 years ago by constructing the auxiliary pitch of "Pancretan stadium".


The excellent resistance in intensive use of this turf and, also, durability in high temperatures prevailing in Crete, make "Dias" (certified hybrid Bermuda) No1 choice of most football clubs to enjoy a quality pitch!

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