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T.P.I. SOD Specifications

Sod Specifications as defined by T.P.I. (Turfgrass Producers International) 
  • The identity of the seed or the mixture must be referred, along with whether it is certified or not.
  • The thickness of the strip soil must be 15cm, without measuring the leaf surface.
  • The cutting height, during delivery, must be 30-40 cm for the cold season varieties and 13-20 cm for the warm season ones.
  • Thatch must not be over 12.5 cm.
  • The size of each strip can vary.
  • The turf has to be healthy, free from entomological infections.
  • There must be no weeds.
  • It must be dense, so that when the turf is cut 40mm high, the soil will not be visible.
  • The weight of each roll must be approximately 17-20 kg.
  • The soil humidity must be balanced.
  • The subsoil must be sandy, thus allowing for immediate and deep rooting after the installation of the turf.
  • Lastly, the strip’s strength must be such, that when hung it will not be torn.
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