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SOD advantages


SOD means life

Industry and technology offer products and services that make our life easier. Nevertheless, their effect on the environment is disastrous in most cases. One simple thing that may iron out and help environment’s remedy is turf! International organizations have identified turf’s valuable benefits to the environment. “Turf, in developed areas and communities may help in carbon dioxide reduction by alleviating the heat effect, decreasing energy consumption and contributing to decrease global warming”.
Scientific research has proven that turf is beneficial for the environment:
  • Provides a natural, comfortable and safe place for fun and play.
  • Releases oxygen that cools the atmosphere.
  • Controls the pollution and reduces the soil’s corrosion.
  • Filtrates water supply.
Various types of turf are very effective in pollution reduction
  • Turf captures and removes dust and dirt from the air.
  • 2.500 m2 of turf absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases enough oxygen for a four member family to breath.
Atmosphere’s Air Condition
Another benefit we all enjoy without realizing it, is turf’s cool effect.
  • On a hot summer day, turf will be 8-10 degrees cooler than asphalt and 4-8 degrees cooler than soil.
  • Turf in the front area of eight houses has the effect of around 70 tones of air conditioning. This fact is amazing if we take into consideration that the average coolness of a house has 4 tones capability.
  • The cool effect of watered turf reduces the amount of fuels that need to be burned so as to produce the relative electric energy for an air condition to operate.
A Natural Filter
  • Running water in developed areas carries many viruses.
  • Turf acts as a natural filter, cleaning the water which passes through the root zone.
Soil Corrosion
  • Turf’s power is much more effective in terms of cost in order to monitor wind and soil corrosion by water.
  • Healthy turf absorbs rain water six times more than a field of straw.
Our Mental Health
Turf adds in the beauty of our mental and physical health. Doctors have shown that people recover faster in a hospital when the scenery is green than when there are consecutive buildings.
One of the major problems we face in parks and public places in general covered with turf, is their aesthetic relegation. The reasons for this relegation are damages caused by excessive use in combination with various turf diseases that are observed during summer period.


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