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SOD varieties

Hercules´s ... strength and endurance!
The best seller sod variety of HELLASOD famous for its thickness, density and bright green color all year long. For hot and dry whether conditions, hard use, but requiring minimum maintenance. Medium to large leaves.
Wise... choice!
Very tolerant at hard use and ideal for climatic conditions with very high and low temperature alternations. Has medium sized leaves and a very bright green colour both winter and summer. Ideal for domestic use, parks private football fields and public places.
The future of warm season grasses!
Certified Paspalum hybrid. It is a totally new and improved paspalum type. It is globally considered as the absolute warm season variety and one of the toughest grass varieties in the world. No 1 in the world in regard to salty water tolerance.
Olympic ... performance!
The most exposed sod variety in Greece, as it is the one covering the Premiere League football fields of the country! A selected, premium quality sod variety, with a deep green colour and very fine leaves.
Aesthetic Perfection!
The ultra dwarf MINI VERDE is a new generation certified variety. It provides a stunning appearance that looks like fake! It has a unique green color and an extremely fine leaf texture. It adjusts to a great variety of soil types. It has a compact surface with a rapid root growth and a small lethargy period.
Above all ... at water shortages!
Bermudagrass hybrid. Bright green colour and fine leaves with soft texture. High tolerance in very high temperatures and hard, intensive use, survives water shortages. During winter it turns slightly yellow and ret
It came from…Aris!
Cool season variety suitable for tough use. It has a green colour with medium to thick leaves.
Dichondra repens
Clover ... on every ground! A variety suitable for ground coverage. Has very good tolerance in the shadow and needs no mowing. Gives a bright green appearance on every ground.
Mixture of shade affiliated sod varieties and dicondra
Sod ... under shade! Dichondra covers all the empty spaces of the the cool season varieties that the sun deteriorates. The result is a thick, dark green sod all year round that is not affected by the sun. An ideal solution for areas with deficiency in natural sunlight.
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