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Undoubtedly, the percentage of open and green spaces is a factor and a measure for good planning and high quality of life in a city. Urban areas are the daily environment for the majority of the population and the quality of urban green is increasingly recognized as an important factor of quality of city life, because they have significant ecological and aesthetic impact on the urban population.

The presence of green spaces within the urban fabric affects positively all areas of urban living, contributing to environmental preservation and sustainability, protection of biodiversity, improving the quality of life, contributing this way to the mental and physical health of the citizens of each city.

The rapid expansion of the urban fabric of Athens throughout the basin was done without careful planning and forecasting for urban green spaces. The result is that modern Athens has the lowest percentage of green from all European cities. Just 2 m² per capita (Hague 27.7 m², Amsterdam 27 m², Vienna 20 m², Berlin 13 m², Rome 9 m², Paris 8 m², Thessaloniki 2.7 m²).


HELLASOD has given all these years a great emphasis on cultivating sod suitable for the microclimate of cities. Our goal was and continues to be the production of high quality sod that can hold out the tough use and the temperatures of urban areas.

Varieties such as 'Hercules', which is the best seller of our company, and also ‘Mars’ (Festuca) proves the success of HELLASOD in "Urban Green"!

"Hercules" embellishes thousands of houses located in cities, in Athens, in Thessaloniki and in all big cities of the province. Some of the great advantages of our sod are the oxygen delivered in the atmosphere, the beneficial microclimate which is created in homes and also the psychological uplift which is given to the people by ‘green’.


"Hercules" and "Mars" are the basic selection of public services, large municipalities of Attica and of the province. These two varieties have been placed in many public buildings, squares, parks, road embankments and in other urban green spaces. In this way we give a deep "breath" of oxygen to urban residents!


Some of these projects include the installation of sod in the following areas: Syntagma Square, Square Karaiskaki, Piraeus port, frieze and square near Piraeus Port Authority, Athens tram , Presidential Palace , City Hall of Glyfada, Aristotle's Square in Thessaloniki, Heraklion beach in Crete.

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